Benefits of Oiling Hair for a Gorgeous Look

benefits of oiling hairAs we grow up, our lives just keep getting busier and busier which often means that we get lesser time to look after ourselves.

Our hair, in particular, suffers from this lack of attention, which often leaves us with dry, brittle ends that are in desperate need of some nourishment.

The endless variety of chemical products in stores and in salons are usually a risky affair – while these treatments and products might give you some great immediate results, they have long-term side effects too.

In such a case, we prefer going to the traditional and natural way of using oils. The benefits of oiling hair are phenomenal and I am damn sure that you have heard this from your grannies.

The results they provide are far ahead of any high-end product. They are packed with Antioxidants, Vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Take any type of hair oil, you will find that it has everything you need to keep your scalp healthy.

All you would want in that case is a jar full of that natural goodness! But why is there so much rave about hair oiling?

Is hair oil just good for hair growth and hair loss?

Not at all! The list of hair oil benefits doesn’t end with these two. There are many more. We suggest you read on to find out.

1. Hair Oil Adds Shine and Luster to Your Hair

Most of us deal with hair dullness and roughness of hair. You can quickly curb this element with the use of some natural grease! You can go for intensive hair care treatment or apply oil post-shower. Either way, you will be guaranteed effective results.

While most salon treatments and high-end products offer similar results, they are not precisely the same! Oils are far safer as they are free of harmful chemical ingredients. Moreover, the natural fatty acids, coat each strand, replacing the long-lost shine.

2. Nutrient Replacement

Showering daily, applying the chemical-based product and using heating tools can rid your hair of essential nutrients. Through regular oiling, you can do your bit of replenishing the scalp!

For example, Olive Oil contains Vitamin K and E, while Castor Oil contains Vitamin E and six essential fatty acids.

3. Use Hair Oil as Moisturizer and Conditioner

hair moisturizing is one of the key advantages of oiling your hair

It is crucial to keep your scalp and mane hydrated at all times. If you are wondering what happens if you don’t? Well, the results are bad!

Overexposure to heat can dry out the strands. It typically leads to breakage and hair fall. A robust and reliable solution to this is regular oiling. We recommend the use of Coconut and Olive oils for this purpose.

Instead of opting for the regular conditioners or salon treatments, an affordable way is to drench your scalp in oil. Deep conditioning like this could treat dry and brittle hair for good!

4. Tames Frizz

Dealing with unruly curls is nothing short of a nightmare. No matter how much we brush or comb, the hair won’t sit; all thanks to the weather!

Since chemical treatments do more harm than good, we can rule them out of the list.

Dyed and damaged hair is more prone to frizz. In that case, we typically use coconut oil, which is best at controlling the frizz! There are no brownie points on guessing why coconut oil works best.

The vital nutrients present in this natural fruit moisturize the curls, adding softness and volume to them. Although we recommend you practice caution as it may fade the dye quicker than you think.

5. Repairs Damage

applying oil to hair benefits

We get it. Chemicals and heating tools are a No-No. But do we have an alternative? Probably not!

We cannot do without styling our hair, despite knowing that we are drying out our strands and damaging them to no end. What we can do, however, is to reclaim the damage by applying natural goodness present in hair oils.

Applying hydrating and moisturizing oils can keep your curls soft and can reverse the dryness. It also protects your locks against breakage and weaker roots.

Bye-Bye dry and brittle curls! And, say Hello to bouncy and soft ones!

6. Cleanses Scalp

Maintaining a healthy and clean scalp is crucial. It is probably the first and vital step of hair care. One primary reason is that your scalp can be home to fungus, bacteria, lice, and dandruff.

While we do shampoo regularly, it does not do the same job as a cleanser. What better than to use a natural cleanser like Olive Oil? The fatty grease helps to coat the scalp, getting in places your shampoo doesn’t.

It can help to soften dandruff, while the anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties do their job well. With regular usage, you will have dandruff and infection-free scalp in no time.

7. Hair Growth

Under-nourished hair typically experiences stunted growth. It is due to the lack of vitamins and minerals required to grow. A good massage will not only enhance the blood flow but will also nourish the scalp with nutrients.

Get ready for a thicker and fuller head!

8. Intensive Pre-Shampoo Treatment

oiling hair helps before using shampoo

You have probably heard about the traditional overnight oiling method. However, recent researches quote that keeping the oil for 20-30 minutes guarantee effective results.

It means an intensive pre-shampoo treatment does pretty much the same job as an overnight treatment. You can apply and cover the hair with a shower cap to make the waiting easier.

This method is best for men and women on the go looking for convenient options.

9. Save Yourself from Heat

A thick and curly mane can be challenging to manage at all times. Most curly-heads look towards irons and straighteners as friendly options. What they don’t know, however, is that it can damage their hair severely.

Using a heat protectant spray is not a good option either as they carry chemicals as well. While in the short-run they protect your hair against the heat, in the long run, there seems more damage than protection.

In this case, we highly recommend the use of natural oils to protect the curls. It creates a barrier between your strands and the tools, saving you the damage!

Hair Styling – The Organic Way!

hair styling using hair oilMost gels, hair wax, and hair sprays carry chemicals that we do not even realize. While the sleek look sounds good, bald spots don’t!

Apart from using oils as treatments for your everyday hair problems, you can also use them for hairstyling to0. Laying the edges and styling the sideburns will be no problem with coconut or olive oils.

Even the Huffington Posts stresses the importance of oiling hair.

What I have to say is that you should minimize the damage and reclaim the natural shine and luster with some basic kitchen staples! It is time to go the traditional way and use products that have been long-raved for their benefits.

Let go of all your hair woes with these simple and economical hair oil uses. If you use them wisely, the benefits you are going to gain for your hair will be beyond anything.

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