Best Coconut Oil for Hair Growth- Top 10 Picks & Brands to use in 2021

Getting the best coconut oil is a vital step towards growing your hair. Coconut oil is known for boosting hair growth, preventing hair damage, and removing dandruff. With the availability of hundreds of branded products in the market, people get confused about which coconut oil is best for hair growth.

This is exactly why I have written this article.

Our team has tested 30+ coconut oils available in the market to bring you the best ones. We will also be giving some insights about some of the top brands when it comes to coconut oil later in this article.

So, if you are ready to stimulate hair growth with coconut oil, here is a quick view of our top-rated choices:

Best Coconut Oil for Hair in 2021

Below is a quick overview of some of the good coconut oils you can buy for hair growth:

1. Max Care- The Top Coconut oil for hair

  • 100% Natural, Cold-Pressed & Unrefined
  • Prevents hair fall, Controls Dandruff & Strengthens Hair
  • Great for deep conditioning hair

2. KLF Nirmal- Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil
  • For long and strong hair
  • Controls hair fall and dandruff

3. Parachute Coconut Oil

  • Budget friendly coconut hair oil
  • 100% Pure coconut oil
  • Fresh aroma

 4. Parachute Advanse with Aloe Vera

  • Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Gives stronger and silkier hair

5.  Meera Pue Coconut Oil

  • Triple filtered 100% pure coconut oil
  • Fresh and natural aroma

6. Nature’s Absolute Virgin coconut oil

  • Cold pressed and pure coconut oil
  • Amazing conditioner for hair
  • Makes hair thicker and fuller

7. Morpheme Remedies Pure Coconut hair oil

  • Terrific hair and skin nourisher
  • Prevents hair breakage

What Coconut Oil is best for Hair

Damage protection, hair growth, strengthening roots, you name it, and coconut oil does it all. This means that it is vital to stock up on the product that is most helpful and also pure from other harmful ingredients.

Both online and offline, we have come across different versions like Raw, Expeller-pressed, cold-pressed, organic, virgin, etc.

While Coconut oil is the answer to all your hair prayers, the product is not as simple as you believe it to be. You may have even noticed grocers and markets stocking up on ceiling-high racks with the multiple versions of coconut oil. But, are they as advantageous as you would like?

Not all Coconut oil works the same way. So, what kind of coconut oil is best for hair?

Instead of spending hours along the supermarket aisles, understanding each product, let’s identify the right kind of coconut oil.

The extra marketing gimmicks are often a tactic to attract consumers. Instead, pay attention to what the brand and product offer. Refined oils lose their potential and don’t work as well.

In that case, we would like to follow the recommendations of most hair experts and suggest going for Organic, Raw, or Virgin coconut oils.

These are types of hair oil which are rich in essential nutrients that can give your mane the much-required transformation. They are also free of additives and harmful preservatives. Win-Win!

10 Best Coconut Oil for Hair Growth Treatment: Reviews

With over a dozen choices, how does one decide on what coconut oil is best for hair?

1. Max Care

Maxcare is our top rated coconut oil for hair

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Excellent for use as a hair growth stimulator, Max Care is a product that believes in offering superior quality. The product is extracted from 100% coconut milk, using cold-press extraction and is unrefined.

Max Care coconut oil is a natural moisturizer that helps to hydrate dry, frayed strands, offering deep conditioning. The coconut hair oil is known for preventing breakage, hair fall, and even dandruff.

The best part is Max Care is not an RBD, making it 100% safe and authentic.

Its anti-fungal and bacterial properties make it the best choice for fighting lice and other scalp ailments. Yes, you can also use it for babies and infants! You can learn more about using coconut oil for baby hair here.

The delicate and subtle aroma of Max care almost reminds us of tropical beaches. Its clarity and thin consistency is proof of how authentic the oil is. The lightweight texture means you can now apply it to your tresses without them having to weigh down.

Coconut oil’s fatty texture often makes the scalp and hair greasy, making it challenging to get rid of completely. However, Max care solves the issue with its light consistency.

It’s the perfect all-rounder you have been searching for. It can work as a nourishing carrier oil, and you can use it for regular scalp massages. The only drawback we find is the chance of oil-spillage. A nozzle is always a good idea for oil bottles.

2. KLF Nirmal- Top Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

KLF VCO Coconut hair oil

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KLF Nirmal is another good coconut oil for hair. This brand brings you a 100% Virgin coconut oil with multiple uses for you. Apart from being an excellent moisturizer for the skin and body, you can use it to nourish the tresses.

With the ever-increasing pollution, dirt, and chemicals, it becomes a necessity to take care of your scalp and hair. You cannot do any of that without using natural products that contain 100% of their natural goodness.

Coconut oil is the first choice that comes to mind as it can keep your hair healthy in and out. It is truly the gift of Nature!

Made through fresh coconuts, Nirmal offers you coconut oil in its purest form. The high content of Lauric acid, minerals, and Vitamin E give you a thicker, fuller head like never before.

Nirmal truly is the best coconut oil brand for hair growth. You can use it to reverse the signs of early balding, giving your tresses a second chance at growing.

The best part about KLF Nirmal is its convenient and sturdy packaging. The small nozzle allows out a limited quantity of the product, making it spill-proof. It’s the only fuss-free product you’ll be ordering here on.

3. Parachute

Parachute coconut oil

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Growing up, we have all had that precious blue bottle passed on to us as the secret to a thick, shiny braid. Although, the imbecile thought at the time was to avoid the traditional massage due to the intense aroma. However, looking back, we realize how vital hair care was and still is!

What’s been constant through it all is the blue bottle that hasn’t left us. The Parachute hair oil may seem like an ordinary hair care product but is far more advanced than that.

It carries nutritious properties that coat the strands, protecting it from sun and chemical damage. It also hydrates the tresses, reviving the dullness. It’s all you need for a lively mane that attracts attention.

If there’s a trustable brand, it has to be Parachute. The nostalgic aroma, convenient packaging and long-lasting results are enough to have us hooked to it for a lifetime.

Rich in protein, antioxidants and other essential nutrients, it helps improve the hair texture, giving it a renewed smoothness.

4. Hathmic

Hathmic extra virgin coconut oil for hair growth

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If there were ever a checklist in the market to find the best coconut oil for hair treatment, Hathmic would be a sure winner. The Raw, Extra Virgin coconut oil is non-hydrogenated and non-GMO. It is rich in antioxidants and lauric acid.

The cold-pressed extraction is just another plus point.

The oil is produced from the milk of fresh, hand-selected coconuts. The product is so safe; it is recommended for internal consumption, as well.

The glass container and secure lid make the product spill-proof and easy to handle. You can scoop out the necessary quantity and use it accordingly.

If you’re in a dilemma and have never tried coconut oil before, Hathmic is the way to go. The safe-for-all product will offer results like none other.

It is the ideal product to boost scalp health, strengthening roots and follicles and limiting hair fall. You can also use it in case of early balding and greying of hair.

We cannot stress enough on how remarkable the product is in treating all the hair problems. You can use Hathmic as a carrier oil and add in essential oils for an incredible experience.

5. Indus Valley

No products found.

No products found.

It’s all calm until you start noticing all the hair falling out. Before it gets too late, get started on appropriate hair care remedies to prevent that from happening. With our increasingly stressful lives, balding has become a common problem and it can happen to anyone.

The everyday use of harsh products and heating tools are just a few more contributing factors. So, better safe than sorry.

There exists a miraculous product in the face of the Indus Valley Organic hair oil. The good-for-all product is cruelty-free and made with fresh, high-quality coconuts. The pure, cold-pressed oil is known to be the best for split-ends and hair regrowth.

If you are experiencing a receding or widening hairline, Indus Valley is the product to go for.

Although it’s among the top coconut hair oils in the market, it can be used for various uses. You can treat an itchy scalp and flakiness with just a few applications. It also strengthens follicles, preventing hair fall, while stimulating roots to produce more hair.

The quirky jar is easy-to-store and has a secure lid to prevent spillage. Just scoop out some of the natural goodness and get applying to your tresses for a healthier beginning. The product is enough to last you months, and you can also use it on the skin as a natural and safe everyday moisturizer or cleanser.

6. Parachute Advanse with Aloe Vera-The Most Versatile Coconut Hair Oil

Parachute advanced coconut hair growth oil

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After its decades-long success with its classic coconut oil, parachute introduced an all-new range of hair oils. Among these is the Parachute Advanse coconut oil that is infused with the richness and nourishing qualities of Aloe Vera.

The product targets individuals in need of stronger, shinier and softer curls explicitly.

And, trust us, this new product is just as good as the old classic, if not better. It promises to reverse internal structure damage by 50%, with a single application. The new formula carries unique conditioning qualities that can keep your curls soft and well-moisturized.

And guess what? It also claims to grow your hair three times within a month! You better get your hands on the product to know what you’re in for.

Dry, frayed strands are often prone to breakage and split-ends. However, parachute claims to take care of all that and more. By hydrating the curls and conditioning them, it can limit breakage by 60%, giving unbelievable results in almost no time

Aloe Vera makes the oil powerful and incomparable to the other brands and products. It is a crucial ingredient in repairing dead skin cells in the scalp, and also feels relaxing. This means you can use it as a relief to that extremely itchy and flaky scalp!

7. Meera

Meera Pure Coconut hair oil

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With the changing lifestyles, it becomes a necessity to choose products that you can use on-the-go. You got to carry a bottle of that natural goodness at all times to keep that fuzzy, irregular mane under control.

Considering its versatile nature, we bet you will find a million uses in a single bottle. You got to carry one in your bag at all times! For this reason, we recommend a container that is travel-friendly and has a sturdy packing.

A leaking, greasy mess is not something we want!

Meeras comes to rescue with their Parachute hair oil-like bottle. The 100% pure coconut oil is triple filtered and high in saturated fats to give you the best results. It’s an edible grade oil, making it safe for use on your skin and hair. The subtle fragrance and lightweight texture make it a good option.

8. Nature’s Absolute

Nature's absolutel

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Nature’s absolute’s rich formula claims to bring your dead and damaged strands back to life. Its exceptional qualities can turn your scalp lush and fuller.

The light, colorless oil is non-greasy that makes application easier. It carries nourishing ingredients and nutrients that are vital to the scalp. By nourishing the tresses, it gives the locks a vibrant and lustrous appearance.

Upgrade your hair-care routine by adding in some coconut oil. The vitamins and minerals will rejuvenate the scalp and tresses. These essential nutrients also help to protect your hair against damage by working deep within the shaft.

Despite that, the oil is easy to wash off due to its thin and watery consistency. You could almost head out with your hair covered in the oil! Why linger for more when Nature’s absolute does the job for you?

The subtle coconut-ty aroma is enough to invoke childhood memories of forced scalp massages. The best part is, it lasts long!

All these features make it a must-purchase.

9. Morpheme Remedies

Morphene Remedis coconut oil

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Morpheme Remedies’ Coconut oil is extracted using cold-pressed methods. The pure, organic, virgin coconut oil is free of added sulfates, parabens, colors, and fragrances.

It’s the ultimate versatile oil for all your everyday uses. Were you aware that you could try coconut oil for hair styling purposes?

The lightweight and non-greasy texture make it possible. Use it as a heat protectant or as an alternative to gel. That sleek back hair look can be replicated using a few pumps of Morpheme Remedies.

The best part? It absorbs fast, saving you from a sweaty scalp; often a result of hair oiling.

What we love about Morpheme Remedies is that the product works well for all hair types. You can use it on your fuzzy curls to keep the frizz in check!

The dispenser bottle makes the entire application process more straightforward and convenient. It means there are no chances of clumsy people like me knocking over expensive bottles of coconut oil.

Morpheme remedies have an entire range of hair oils that you can add to this carrier oil for best results.

The oil can support hair regrowth while keeping the scalp flake-free through its antimicrobial and hydrating properties.

Cons? It’s got none!

10. Pure & Sure

Pure and Sure coconut oil for hair treatment

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Blended using the finest coconuts, Pure & Sure is a certified Organic product. Sourced from India, the farmers grow these coconuts without the use of pesticides and chemicals. The oil is processed purely, without the use of bleaches or refining agents.

It is particularly impressive as such high-quality is not easy to find. The natural aroma of coconuts is unmissable and long-lasting.

After reading about its properties and results, we wondered how a product could have such incredible qualities. Looking at its brand goals and promise to quality, we get where the results are coming from!

Coconut oil has long been used in Ayurvedic practices and is best for Pitta imbalances. It promotes the overall scalp and hair health, rejuvenating it.

The lightweight consistency makes it an apt choice for weekly usage. Surprisingly, you get all this for a very affordable price. When compared with other local brands, Pure & Sure is light on the pocket yet offers a product with the highest quality.

Pure & Sure has also enabled users to have healthier locks, taming the frizz, and improving the overall hair texture.

The product induces an impressive, long-lasting shine. It can well be mistaken for a professional salon treatment! It has all that magic and more in a single bottle, need we say more?

How to Buy Good Coconut Oil for Hair-Buying guide

Here’s a simple breakdown of things to look for when purchasing Coconut Oil for hair.

top coconut oil for natural hair


Coconut oil typically has a clear consistency. You will not notice a color or unusual hues in it. Experienced dermatologists have recommended users to steer clear of oils with subtle tints.

If you have noticed a yellow or gray discoloration in your oil, you should put it back on the rack.

This tint is often a sign of contamination, making the oil unhealthy and unusable for the hair. It makes it highly crucial to look ahead than just basic features like refining and extraction processes.

The oil’s pure white quality and the nutty smell are enough to establish its authenticity and high-quality.

Scan for Organic, Raw, or Virgin Oils

The first step in purchasing coconut oil for the hair involves selecting products that are 100% organic, farmed without any chemical pesticides. It protects your precious curls from any potential damage.

The extraction process involves various steps; few of them include heating. Raw coconut oil experiences the least amount of heat, making it the best choice. It ensures the highest quality and beneficial properties for the hair.

Virgin coconut oil, on the other hand, may involve heating during the extraction process. It makes the product lose some of its nutritious properties.

You can find some of the best vigrin and extra virgin coconut oil for hair here.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Have you noticed how your coconut oil turns solid at lower temperatures? It often makes the entire oiling process complicated and time-consuming, as you are required to heat it.

However, fractionating is a new process that provides you with liquid coconut oil. The solidifying compounds get removed during the fractionating procedure, giving you a lightweight and non-greasy product.

Cold Pressed Extraction

As mentioned above, the heating process can be harmful to the oil, making it pretty useless. Due to this, we prefer going for hair oils that are extracted without the use of heating. This extraction is known as cold-pressed extraction.

It allows the coconut meat to preserve its nutrients until the very last minute of its packaging. The end product that you receive will be rich in nutrients essential for getting healthy tresses.


High quality and standard rules require oils to be packaged in glass containers. These help to preserve its excellent taste and smell. Oils can typically eat into plastic bottles, giving them an unpleasant taste and aroma. Moreover, we all know how hazardous plastic is for the environment. Which is why, we suggest going for oils sold in glass containers.

Glass packaging is also much easier to clean – we bet you won’t be happy spending bucks and ending up with a greasy mess with each use.

A glass jar is the best way to store your oil.  It is also often microwave-friendly and can be used to liquefy pure, stable coconut oil.

Beware of RBDs

RBD stands for, “Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized”, – which means that the oil loses its naturalness. It also makes it unsafe to go on your hair or skin.

This extra refining and processing rid the oil of its natural goodness and beneficial properties.

Best Coconut Oil Brands for Hair

We have seen some of the top coconut hair oils in the market. Now is the time to find the best brands which produces these oils.

Here is a list of the the coconut oil brands you can trust:

Max Care

As the name suggests, the brand offers maximum care for your valuable tresses, hydrating them endlessly.

The ingredients contain pure, cold-pressed coconut oil only, which means it is free of additives and harmful preservatives. You can use the versatile product for cooking, dietary, skin, and hair care purposes.

Extracted from fresh coconut milk, Max care makes sure to deliver what it claims – high quality. The watery texture of the product makes it lightweight and non-greasy oil for everyday use.

However, we do believe that the product requires better packaging to compete with the other top brands like Nirmal and Parachute. If knocked over, you could lose much of that precious magic potion!

KLF Nirmal

This Holy Grail beauty product is by one of the top-rated brands of hair oils. Its naturally-produced and pure coconut oil is highly raved, both online and offline. If you’re curly-headed and are in need to tame your fuzzy mop, Nirmal could be your new best friend.

Its miraculous qualities keep the curls smooth, giving it a glossy shine.

It is safe for use on delicate and dry hair that requires some nourishment. The product is nothing less than a treasure trove for lauric acid, known to keep the curls healthy and nourished.

This scalp-relaxing hair oil contains a clear texture and 100% natural aroma, which is a testimony to its purity.


Parachute has always been ahead of other brands when it comes to offering effective results and superior quality. Its classic coconut oil has been passed on for generations as a helpful remedy for all hair blues.

If you were to ask us for the best coconut oil for hair growth, our answer would always be Parachute!

The transparent and clear consistency of the oil is a valid sign of its authenticity. It means the oil is free of impurities and contamination. Along with that, the aroma has a subtle nutty smell, meaning it is free from added fragrances.

The flip cap and small nozzle make it leakage proof. We could carry it in our precious handbag without a worry in the world!

Why Coconut Oil is Good for Hair

In recent times, the growing research has brought back coconut oil into the limelight for all-things hair. It is an established hair care tool used as the natural solution to most hair woes. Let’s read up on what makes it so great.

  • Its deep-penetrating properties can strengthen the follicles from within the strands.
  • The oil softens the texture of the hair and can also be used to conceal split-ends.
  • Research has shown coconut oil to slow down the process of hair fall.
  • When compared with other oils, this natural hair oil works best at protecting the hair from damage.
  • It contains antimicrobial properties that can contribute to keeping your scalp lice and insect free.
  • By leaving your hair and scalp well-nourished, Coconut oil can improve the length of your hair, boosting hair growth.
  • Rich in Vitamin, Iron, and Antioxidants, it can also add a desirable glossy shine to your tresses.
  • Reclaim the damage done by harsh tools and products by using the product to revive your dead and limping curls.


The best Coconut Oil brands we have recommended for hair growth are definitely the favorite ones in the market. If your hair is weak and lacks shine, Coconut oil may be your best choice. Save the time of scanning the aisles for your favorite pick and choose online, instead.

Pull your sleeves up and get that grease in your hair for a wave of change. You can also grab your favourite protein ingredients from the kitchen and add them for a happy masking experience! So, what are you waiting for? Get one of these and grow your hair using coconut oil.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to follow our tips if you are planning to apply coconut oil in hair overnight.

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